I'm naming this blog post Wednesday for no other reason than, I totally feel very Wednesday Adams (and updated grown up WA) in this dress. That's what's fun about playing dress up. I get to be whoever and whatever I want each day. Not that I was channeling her, but looking at these photos she popped into my head. I felt very chic and classic in this look. I wore this to dinner with friends and loved the way I felt in it. 

This dress I've had for about 4ish years. It's from a company I worked with called eShakti. You can choose any design and have it custom made to fit your measurements. How cool is that? This dress is made exactly for me! It's definitely a piece I will never get rid of and  hopefully pass down to Lilla. You can imagine that if it's a custom made piece that the quality is amazing. And it is. You also have the option to buy standard sizing as well. I just checked out their sale and there are so many cute pieces! Check them out and let me know what you think!

And let me tell you about these shoes. I went thrifting a few weeks ago at Salvation Army. I mean I do that every week but this time I went on a Tuesday. I usually go on Wednesday's for 1/2 off. Gosh I'm so glad I went that day. Some lady that I love oh so much and I don’t even know was looking out for your girl 😉 I hope she knows how thankful I am for her dropping her old shoes off. I found FOUR pairs of amazing quality heels thats were in near perfect condition. One being a vintage pair of Stuart Weitzman's. Yes way! They all fit me like a glove! I took them to the shoe repair shop and had the few things fixed that needed to be and when I told the owner that I had found all of these at Salvation Army his mouth dropped and said "You're kidding, these are like $300 shoes!". EACH. I laughed and said I know! He gave me an A+ for thrift store shoe shopping. I bought each pair for $8 and spent just as much repairing them as I did when I bought them. I had no problem doing that because I know these heels will last forever. Literally. So yeah, I really love this woman that gave me her shoes. It was meant to be and I'm sure she would be happy that someone who loves fashion now has them in their possession. 

Dress - c/o eShakti
Heels - Salvation Army
Purse - Antique store in Tennessee
Earrings - My Nana's closet

xo, Mercedes

red life.


One thing I've certainly been into lately is RED. Red stripes, red silk, red purse, red boots, red lips (always). I always seem to bring home a piece from the thrift store that is red and/or has red in it. This top I knew needed to be in my closet. It's a perfect material for summer and the red stripes just pop. They will definitely make a statement no matter how I style it up. I thought it would be fun and unexpected, instead of pulling out a pair of jeans to pair the bright stripes with a classic green chino. I'm always about the unexpected and for pieces to never really "match" per say but go together. i don;t do matchy matchy, unless its a pair of bright funky earrings that just pair oh so well with your bright red stripes ;) Style rules are meant to be broken right? Even if they are our own!

Stripes are life. Red is life. 

Top - Volunteers of America
Pants - Goodwill
Heels - Nine West
Purse - Amazon
Earrings - K. Scott for 5th & Hall

xo, Mercedes



Effortless to me is when I can just throw a few pieces on with not much thought and it all just works. Striped pants, black tank with some lace detail, and a green tapestry textured jacket. Appropriate for work, school, date, whatever. Details like a faux animal print bag and bows on your heels make the basics more fun. Like I always say, "basics, but never basic!".

Tank - Salvation Army
Pants - Salvation Army
Jacket - Volunteers of America
Heels - Nine West
Purse - Goodwill
Necklaces - Bauble Bar & Nordstrom

xo, Mercedes