Hello, my name is Mercedes.

My love of fashion didn't start recently, it didn't start in college, it didn't even start in high school or middle school. I remember being in elementary school bringing my fashion drawings with me everywhere. I remember skipping Sunday school to sit in the adult auditorium to come up with new designs. I also remember skipping gym class to work on collaborations with my friends who loved fashion as well. Fashion has had a special place in my heart since I was old enough to pick out my own clothing, and it hasn't left yet. Not even for one second.

I love to take ordinary pieces and style them to look not so ordinary. I love to take unwanted items from a thrift store and make them look glamorous. I love to take budget friendly pieces and make them look like they came from a high-end boutique. I have a vision for things that the person next to me doesn't and I love that I am able to use that ability. 

This blog is a place for me to pour my heart into fashion and allows me to share it with all of my other fashion lovers and the people who support me. 

xo, Mercedes