little [linen] dress

Why must one of the most comfortable breathable fabrics be the one that's basically a wrinkle machine?  And also why do I always seem to choose the worst fabrics for my lifestyle? I didn't realize this dress was linen when I bought it. I mean who looks at the tags anyways? ;) I know what you're thinking... How did I not know it was linen? Well, it definitely doesn't feel like it. And I'm not one of those fashionistas that can pick up an exotic fabric and name it within 5 seconds. Shortly after I put in on at home (more like 30 seconds after I put it on) It looked like it had been sitting in the laundry basket for weeks, even after a thorough ironing. Ugh. So I did what anybody else would do. I wore it anyways. I strutted my stuff, wrinkles and all. I mean it's SO cute and fits me perfectly. I'd never let a a few (a lot) wrinkles ruin my mood. Now here in the pictures it doesn't look terrible. That's because I made sure to NOT MOVE AT ALL while in the car. Being glamorous is hard work guys. But someone's gotta do it! 

Dress - Gap ($20)
Heels - Dolce Vita via Marshall's ($30)
Necklace - Cynthia Rowley via Belk (c/o)
Clutch - TJMaxx ($15)
Sunnies - Free People ($20)

xo, Mercedes