I seriously have such amazing friends. These photos were taken at a new photography studio, Refine Studio in Lakeland that is owned by my friend Tina Sargent. She's an amazing local photographer who actually got me my first editorial styling job with The Lakelander magazine. It's so amazing to see people, but specifically women (enough with the men ;)) following their dreams. I really am so blessed to have so many amazing women in the community I live in to look up to! And of course my favorite person Jordan took these. She's always wanting to grow and try new things. She asked if I wanted to shoot some fun fashion looks so she could try out the new studio. Could I ever say no?! 

I found this look on a spontaneous shopping trip to H&M this fall. The skirt was only 7 dollars! 7 dollars! It's a super fun flirty fit and once I have somewhere fancy to go to, I'll be slipping that baby back on. Maybe our first post baby date night? I just love the color. Definitely a hue that you don't see very often, which is probably why it caught my eye. I can totally see it being worn multiple ways. Even casual... Hmmm. Oh, the possibilities! I loved pairing it with a bright red chunk knit sweater. Totally unexpected and very eye catching. I added a fun modern pair of earrings and my favorite gold heels to elevate the look. All this look is missing is a martini in my hand! 

Sweater - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Earrings - H&M
Heels - J.Crew

xo, Mercedes