Links I Love

1. Loving your postpartum body is hard. This Mom is taking 4 baby steps to get back that self love. I especially like baby step #4 - My lips are sealed. She vows to never talk about her body in front of her little girl. Something I definitely want to implement. I want Lilla to grow up with a Mom who loves her body, takes care of it (from the inside out), indulges in some chocolate but doesn't obsess over it, and never speaks bad about herself or others. 

2. I love talking about skin care. It's something that I'm always trying to master. French skin guru, Joelle Ciocco says there's no magic product, it's how you care for your skin that matters. Seriously, this interview was GOOD. If you only read one link on this list today, read this one. I love how the french make everything so simple, and fuss free. I started cleansing my face twice (once to wash the make-up off, another to clean it) a night after reading this and my skin has felt SO MUCH MORE SMOOTH. 

3. Scrolling through these looks have me in Madewell heaven. Their closest closet confidants show off the new year's essentials and talk 2017 style resolutions. I'm especially loving Mollie's resolution, "to not look like everyone else - and wear lots of denim". Me too, Mollie, me too!

4. Tracy Ellis Ross, Mandy Moore, Drew Barrymore, Jesica Biel, Kristen Wigg, Annette Benning, Lily Collins, Kerry Washington, Sarah Paulson, Blake Lively. OMGGGGG. These ladies killed it on the red carpet for the Golden Globes on Sunday night. Obsessed. 

5. Totally crushing on these recipe boxes and cards from Rifle Paper Co. Growing up I remember having to look in my mom's recipe box when we wanted to cook something. I would love to have one of those boxes so I could pass it down to Lilla. We will always need food (and cake) to nourish our bodies, so I know one day she will cherish them. Such a special thing to have and keep. 

xo, Mercedes


* Opening image from Design Love Fest - Dress Your Tech series