From here on out Thursday is going to be a big day on Forever Fashioned. 

Thrifted Thursday!

I'm sure by now you all know of my love for thrift store and vintage shopping. So I decided to make it a regular thing. Most of my other outfits will usually contain a few pieces of thrifted items, maybe just a pair of earrings one day, maybe a top and pants the next. But for Thrifted Thursday I'm going to challenge myself to create a whole look using thrifted items. Head to (almost) toe. Shoes are tough. So some shoes will be, some won't be. But the rest, thrifted!

So let's start our first Thrifted Thursday with this watercolor dress. Most likely from the 80's. I loved the pretty soft colors and the fit is flattering and comfortable. Dresses with sleeves are my jam. You can't see it but I love how the waist cinches up and it kind of creates a top and bottom look. This dress came fully loaded with shoulder pads, but I took those babies out. Sometimes the shoulder pads can stay but in the case of this dress they had to go. This dress isn't something I would usually spring for at a department store but that's another thing I love about thrift store shopping. It makes you open your mind to trying new things. The stuff is cheap. Why not? On the other hand I don't go too crazy. I still try to only buy things that align with my personal style and I feel I can wear for my everyday life. Even though I don't wear gold heels everyday this dress would go perfect with some gold booties and a cute jacket. It works both ways. 

Who's down for some thrift store shopping with me next week?


Dress - Salvation Army
Heels - J. Crew
Purse - Salvation Army
Earrings - J. Crew

xo, Mercedes