Thrifted Thursday - Plaid & Pajamas.


Well, here we are again. It's another #thriftedthursday and today I'm going all out. Everything in this look (except the bandana) came from Salvation Army. Shoes, earrings, purse included. I absolutely love how this look turned out. Perfect for a business work environment. With some flair. Who says your work attire has to be boring?

Mixing prints is one way to have some fun with clothes when you have a dress code. Adding in fun accessories like a scarf and gold hoops make it even more unique. This top is actually a pajama top (Christian Dior, oh helllooo) and I'm obsessed with it. Silky and comfy. So it looks like you can wear your pajamas to the office after all :) I don't work in an office, I work for my one year old so this look went out to dinner with friends last night.

At first I felt a little funny wearing it out to dinner but I'm still in the process of getting over that initial thought of what people will think. Yes, even though I don't like it,  I still care what people think. In a town where fashion is under appreciated and everyone wears the same damn thing I definitely get stares. Who knows, maybe they like it and are wishing they had the confidence to wear something fun and unique. I loved the outfit so I thought, who cares? I like it and that's all that matters! Boo-ya. 

Top, pants, heels, purse, earrings - Salvation Army
Scarf - J. Crew

xo, Mercedes