New Years x 2.

By now it should be no surprise how much I enjoy thrifting. 

I call it the 'thrill of the thrift'.

I wanted to show you how easy it is to create specific looks with thrift store finds. I've had these pieces for awhile now. I bought them during the summer (another good tip is to buy out of season just like you would do at a traditional retail store when looking for a good deal) so I've been waiting for this moment to show them off on the blog. New Year's from the thrift store.

The dress is actually from Target's Who What Wear line but I DID find it at a thrift/bargain hunt type store so it counts. I love the style and how flattering the shape is. I paired it with these red boots that I am literally obsessed with. These are definitely not thrifted but they were cheap. I've been trying to find a pair while out thrifting but I hadn't come across any yet. SO when I spotted these at Target the other day I ran up and grabbed them. Mine!

The pants and top both came from Salvation Army. I wore these pants to an industry party recently and got so many compliments. I love when someone compliments a look and I can say, Salvation Army Baby! The look on their faces is the best. And I hope I can inspire someone to recycle fashion and look chic while doing it. Thrifted doesn't mean dirty and old. It means reusing unwanted items and breathing new life into them. Like they say, one woman's trash... 

Anyway, back to the outfits. I love how each look paired perfectly with this vintage gold purse. It's such a great bag for special events. And you know how I love my gold accessories. Heels, hoops, all the stuff. 

Everything gold!

xo, Mercedes

Dress - Who What Wear (Thrifted in Tennessee)
Red boots - Target
Purse - Salvation Army
Pants - Salvation Army
Top - Salvation Army
Heels - J. Crew
Embellished earrings - J. Crew
Gold hoops - Nordstrom