Cheap and Chic.

Two things I'm all about. Cheap and chic! Of course there are those staple pieces I'm always willing to spend $$$ on but most things I would rather find on sale. Or from a thrift store. Every store I walk into I head straight for the sale section. (Note : I never buy just to buy. I won't buy it if it doesn't fit my style or lifestyle. Even if it's on sale). 

These jeans, totally on trend. They are the epitome of the summer mom jean. Perfect in every way. I could have gotten them from Nordstrom, or you know Urban Outfitters and spent a fair amount of money on them. But I didn't. I got them from my favorite place, Salvation Army! I bought them awhile ago so I don't remember exactly how much they were but I'm thinking in the $5 range. Yeah. Five bucks. I cut the bottoms and made them my own. I also thrifted these heels. Brand new, never been worn Nine West nude kitten heels. They make me want to cry. OMG and the purse. I bought this for $7 from Salvation Army too. It had handles on it and a liner inside. I took those off with a seam ripper and now I have a perfect woven bag for summer. I've been looking for some new handles for it but haven't found anything I love just yet. I want to make it convertible from a clutch to a shoulder bag. I'll update y'all on that when it's finished. For now it's great how it is. 

This top was one of my favorite sale picks from the Anthropologie red tag sale. I love the sleeve detail and it's dramatic effect. I'm all about that outfit drama. It's super comfortable too. It's basically perfect. 

SO as you can see, you can be cheap and chic... Just make sure the clothes don't say you're cheap! ;)

Top - Anthropologie ($34)
Jeans - Salvation Army
Heels - Salvation Army
Purse - Salvation Army
Sunnies - Warby Parker
Earrings - J. Crew (similar)

xo, Mercedes