I'm been having a lot of fun lately with my style. I found myself thinking too much about what others would think of what I was wearing. Even if it was something I truly loved. Is this too crazy? Will people stare? Does it make me look fat? You know they typical (un-necessary) dressing room thoughts. But why? Why care? I love fashion and I love to dress up. One of my favorite bloggers says, "Always play dress up!". And that's my new motto. I love going to Salvation Army and finding fun pieces that no one else has. And I love making them my own.

These jeans for example...  A fun and funky DIY! When I bought them they were a total basic pair of 80's mom jeans. I could have just let them be but after seeing the new frayed jeans in Who What Wear's fall line I decided to make my own. I literally pulled out every piece of string by hand. It took me about a week to finish them. I wasn't sure if I had gotten the measurements right or if they would look okay but I am so happy with how they turned out! They are definitely a statement jean thats's for sure. 

I went all out with this look. Pairing them with a funky ruffle sleeve gingham top from Zara and a snakeskin print bag I bought a few years ago from Salvation Army. Simple black heels and gold hoops (also from SA) were all the look needed to be complete. I can't wait to wear these jeans more in the fall with booties and sweaters. Gahhhh! I love them so much. 

That's what's fun about thrift shopping. You can take a piece of cheap clothing, make it look new and fresh. If it doesn't work, well it was only a few dollars right? Like I always say...

Cheap & Chic! 

Top - Zara (old but LOVING this one)
Jeans - Salvation Army DIY (originally from Lands End)
Heels - Aldo
Earrings - Salvation Army
Purse - Salvation Army
Lips - Glossier Generation G in Zip

xo, Mercedes