White all year.

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If there's one color that I always gravitate towards it's white. White works for every occasion, unless you are the guest at a wedding. Just don't. White in the summer. Duh. White for fall. White in the winter. Yes you can do that. I'm always looking for a new white top wherever I go. Especially at thrift stores. There's a pretty good chance if it's white I'll get it dirty so the cheaper the better. I usually don't get too upset if I ruin something I thrifted. A few bucks down the drain. It happens.

I purchased this white Ralph Lauren top almost a year ago from Salvation Army but never pulled it out until now. It's a tad big since I've lost all the baby weight but it still works. I may have it altered to fit a little more snug. That's another thing I like to do with thrift store finds. If I absolutely love the piece but it's just a little big or too long I take it to the tailor. I spend a few dollars on a skirt, and then maybe $10-$20 to have it custom fitted. Why wouldn't you?

Just call me the thrift store queen. I know all the tricks ;)

P.S. You'll be seeing a lot of white on me. Just wait for Friday's post. Obsessed. 

Top - Ralph Lauren from Salvation Army
Jeans - J. Crew
Heels - Aldo
Purse - Salvation Army
Earrings - J. Crew

xo, Mercedes