Hair diaries.

Undone, natural, french girl hair. Since I've stopped styling my hair with any heat the last few months I've been embracing these things. Although I love fashion and beauty, one thing I loathe is doing my hair. Especially while I have a baby at my feet pulling the toilet paper off the roll and pulling all the chemicals from underneath the sink. Lilla keeps us quite busy these days. Which is why I love that natural hair is the new styled hair. It's effortless, it's modern, it's chic. One key to making sure you don't just look like a hot mess is the right cut. The effortless vibe can go totally wrong if your ends are split and uneven. Your stylist should know what cut is best for your natural hair type. I'm totally obsessing over the short blunt cut. I love how simple it is and embraces the waves. As a mom I'm all about simple these days. 

EDIT: I did have her style my hair with a round brush and hair dryer. Which is why some are styled straight. But most days I will usually just wear it wavy. 

I am so so so happy with how my hair turned out. Y'all, my stylist Bailey is theeeee best. I can show her a picture and she makes it happen. Usually even better than I expected. I will die the day she decides to stop cutting hair. Don't do it Bailey! If any of you are looking for a bomb ass stylist she is your girl. She's super sweet and makes you feel so comfortable. The salon she works at is Alchemy Hair Salon in Orlando. It's a bit of a drive from here in Lakeland but since I usually only go every 6+ months it's 100% worth it. I need to get better about going more often! Thank you Bailey for always making me feel amazing! 

And here it is...


xo, Mercedes