Urban 90's cowgirl.


Weird, huh? There's something about these jeans and this hat that give off that vibe. I loved pairing these thrifted jeans with some modern oxfords and a simple striped top. The gold earrings add some funky glam. I've really been playing dress up lately and it feels so... ME. I feel alive when I get to put together fun outfits and think of what/who inspired it. I've been trying to incorporate thrift store items into every outfit lately. I love that mix of high and low. I may have splurged a bit on these shoes, but the jeans were only a few bucks! That's how I like it.

Top - Uniqlo
Jeans - Salvation Army
Oxfords - Nordstrom
Hat - Madewell
Purse - Madewell
Earrings - Salvation Army

xo, Mercedes