1 piece. 2 looks.

Work and weekend. 

This top has been a favorite of mine since I purchased it a few months ago. You've already seen it once here. I mean, just look at those sleeves. Since it's a top that I wear quite a bit I wanted to show you how easy it was to create two totally different looks with the same piece. 

I don't have an unlimited clothing budget like most bloggers do. I'm a stay at home mom that has the occasional styling job pop up. If I ever want something nice I have to save up for it. And I always thoroughly think through all of my purchases to make sure it's something I can wear multiple ways and will last more than a few wears. I love to go thrifting for this reason too. It's a way for me to stay up on the trends with recycled fashion. I can go find a dress for a few bucks and make it look like something that came from a high end department store just by how I style it. 

I am completely obsessed with these two looks. I want to wear them everyday. Both. At the same time. Okay not really but, I just love them. 

Most of these items are thrifted. The pants, dress, both purses, one pair of earrings my Nana passed down to me, another is from Salvation Army. The few things I spent more than a few dollars on are the top (on sale) and both pairs of shoes (on sale too). 

Thrifting is such a passion of mine. It gives me life. Chris always says I have the hawk eye. I know what good fabrics are and I know a well made piece of clothing. I can spot these things from across the store. I love finding these unwanted treasures and giving them new life. It's also being a smart consumer and responsible shopper. When you shop second hand you are recycling fashion. It reduces waste and saves money. 

Tell me, which of the to is your favorite look? I'd love to know!

Top - Anthropologie
Pants - Salvation Army
Dress - Salvation Army
Heels - J. Crew
Vans - Kohl's
Black purse - Vintage store in Tennessee
Red purse - Vintage Coach via Salvation Army
Earrings - Nana's house and Salvation Army

xo, Mercedes