Let me tell you how my day is going. 

Because our fence blew over during the hurricane we've been taking our dogs out on a leash. They won't go potty when I take them out. And it's hard to take two dogs out with a one year old who won't let you put her down. Well one of them went potty on our nice rug because I couldn't take them out fast enough. I cleaned the rug with a cleaner. I set it down on the tv stand to walk into the kitchen. I walked back out and there Lilla is eating the foam from the bottle. She's eating carpet cleaner! I freaked out. Called my husband and yelled at him. I mean. What else would I do? JK. I know worse things could happen but when your kid eats chemicals it freaks you out. Luckily poison control said there aren't any real toxins in it. Phew. She's napping now and and I'm working on this blog post that's supposed to be about fashion but here I am talking about babies and dogs and fences and, okay I'm done. 

But, look how cute she is. We forgot her stroller the day we went to take these so Chris was holding her while taking pictures. She kept trying to get out of his arms because she wanted me to hold her so she made her way into today's outfit pictures. As you can tell we definitely have our lives together. That's a joke. We don't. 

Also, these shoes are super cute and all but they gave me the worst blisters on my toes and one of them got infected. This story just keeps getting better and better. 

Happy Monday!

Top - Salvation Army
Jeans - Salvation Army
Shoes - TJ Maxx (similar here)
Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Purse - Madewell
Sunnies - Warby Parker
Lilla's outfit - Old Navy

xo, Mercedes