The Year of the Thrift.


Every year when I jot down my New Year’s resolutions I usually have a section dedicated towards fashion. I make a list of trends I want to try, directions I want to take in my personal style, ideas for stepping outside of the box, etc. 

This year is a little different. Instead of having a few different ones. I have one. Yep. Just one goal.

In 2018 I will not buy anything “new”. Everything I purchase will come from a thrift store (some exceptions. see below). Now that I’m typing it out, I’m scared. What am I thinking?!

Well, I’ll fill you in on why.

  1. Environmental. I remember reading a while back that a shit ton of clothing gets thrown out each year. It just ends up in dumps. When we consume more and more from fast fashion stores we are contributing to that problem. We buy buy buy, and then throw it all away just as fast as we bought it. By purchasing used clothing we are cutting back on the clothing that needs to be made which is wasting resources that can be used for far better things than a crappy pair of jeans from Forever21, that will most definitely end up in a dump. By buying used we can cut back on polluting the earth.
  2. Uniqueness. There’s nothing better then wearing an outfit you know nobody else will be wearing. I see so many girls today that all have the same style. And while they do look cute. There’s nothing unique about it. When buying used you're usually getting pieces that nobody else has. When I’m thrifting, the older the better. Something that was made 20 years ago (but is still style relevant today), I know very few people would still be wearing. I love it when I get a compliment on a piece I’m wearing and I get to tell the it’s from Salvation Army or Goodwill when I’m sure they were expecting me to say it’s from a store in the mall. I was at J. Crew the other day wearing a pair of heels (pictured above) I found From Goodwill in Michigan and the employee made a point to come up to me and say “I just wanted to tell you I really love your shoes”. I smiled and proudly told him the were from Goodwill. Definitely straight out of the 80’s but in a style that you would see at a department store right now. And just an hour before that a nice lady in Nordstrom complimented my plaid blazer I picked up from Salvation Army a few months ago. I didn’t tell her where it was from but I smiled and thought, if she only knew. Those two compliments validated my decision on making this the year of the thrift. People appreciate uniqueness. I can do this.
  3. $$$. Thrifting is cheap. I can buy a whole month’s worth of clothing for $30. My favorite day to go to Salvation Army which is where I find most of my thrifted clothing from is on Wednesday. Clothing, shoes, and accessories are 50% off. Hell yeah. When I’m scrolling through Instagram or flipping the pages of a magazine and see something I like but I know is wayyyy out of my budget I jot it down in my “to thrift” notes on my phone. I know I can usually find something similar to what that name brand designer is selling for literally pennies compared to the price they stuck on their piece. 
  4. Inspiring. Even though thrifting is my love I sometimes get stuck in the mentality that I need this and this from these stores from the mall. Changing my mindset from mall to thrift store, I know will help me step outside of my comfort zone and try new things with my style. If I can’t find that one specific piece I will have to use some creativity with what I’m able to find at the thrift store.
  5. Fun! I think this will be a really fun (sometimes challenging) step for me to take. I enjoy looking through all the racks of clothing. I love when I spot a piece of “gold” as my husband calls it and instantly I get a rush of ideas on how to wear it. I love finding something and thinking, this looks just like something a designer label just put out. I also love when I DO find those designer pieces. Some people just don’t know what amazingness they have in their closet. But hey, I’ll take it!

So. There will be exceptions to The Year of the Thrift.

1. Underwear and bras. Because, duh. I wont go that far.
2. Shopping local. We love to travel and if I spot something I absolutely love from a boutique I will buy it. I don’t mind breaking the rule for supporting a local shop. 
3. If I receive gift cards. I will most definitely use those up!
4. If there is something super specific I want/need and can’t seem to find it at a thrift store I will purchase it from somewhere that isn’t.

There you have it. I will stick to this. I will, I will, I will. 

Am I crazy or am I crazy?

xo, Mercedes

Top - Salvation Army
Blazer - Salvation Army
Purse - Volunteers of America, Lansing, MI
Belt - Salvation Army
Heels - Goodwill, Lansing, MI
Jeans - Topshop via Nordstrom