I'm BACK! - #fall10x10 recap

Hi beautiful people! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here but I recently had the energy and inspiration to jump back on. I’m loving being a mom and focusing my energy into raising my daughter but we all need a little space of our own, and this is mine. Hopefully I’ll inspire a few of you to get dressed and try something new. Speaking of new, I tried something for 10 days… a style challenge you might call it. Started by a few of my favorite fashion bloggers, the 10x10 challenge is something they do every few months. I participated in the Fall 10x10. I took 10 pieces from my wardrobe and styled them into ten different looks over the course of ten days. I wasn’t exactly sure of how it worked or if it would even work for my lifestyle and personality. What if I didn’t get dressed one day? Does it have to be 10 days in a row? Will I get bored? I’m doing this recap to break it down for all of you. To fill you in on what I liked, what i didn’t like and what I learned. So let’s get started…

What I learned

  1. It doesn’t have to be every single day for 10 days in a row. It’s not all of nothing. I thought in the beginning if I missed a day that was it. Instead of counting by days, count by outfits. SO instead of saying day 1, say outfit 1. I don’t get dressed everyday as a stay at home mom so the days I didn’t get dressed I just looked at it as an off day. But the next day I did get dressed I would just pick right back up. Make sense? I hope so.

  2. You will feel like giving up the first time. Ha! 10 days seems like a lot when you’re only giving yourself 10 items including shoes to wear. But don’t give up!

  3. It’s meant to be fun! So don’t feel like you have to do it perfectly. The first day I ended up having to wear a pair of shoes that weren’t in my initial 10 picks. When I picked those ten pieces out I forgot I had a Disney day planned with the family and didn’t have any appropriate shoes for walking around all day. So I ended up just putting on a pair that wasn’t a part if my ten pieces. And that’s okay. Remember, fun, not perfection.


  1. It was so easy to get dressed in the morning. I knew I only had these ten pieces to choose from and I honestly didn’t have to think any more then 30 seconds about what to wear. Most of the time I’m trying on several different options before I decide. With less to choose from there was no confusion. Black or blue. Okay, that was easy.

  2. For my first go around with this challenge I chose a very neutral palette, but I was still able to have fun with it. I had a leopard top, snake skin boots, and my very high waisted straight leg vintage Eddie Bauer mom jeans. I was still able to put my personality into a capsule wardrobe. I always thought capsule meant basic basics. Well, it doesn’t. It’s just less clothes and more of what you love.

  3. I was really able to distinguish what it was that I loved to wear. I love wearing high waist denim, and I love wearing neutrals. I felt confident in every look I chose. SO now I know what to wear more of. You’ll be seeing a lot more of these combos from now on. I love having fun with fashion which is why I love to thrift. I’m able to buy a piece maybe just to wear once for the fun of it but now that I know what I feel most comfortable in I probably won’t be buying anything too far outside of my “style” just for the heck of it and end up not loving it or feeling uncomfortable. Remember Mercedes, mom jeans and neutrals. Ha!


  1. For someone who does love fashion, at times it felt very limiting. Which it actually is but for a good reason I guess. I had a few new items I had purchased that I wanted to wear but knew I had to wait until the ten looks were up to wear them. I did not like that part.

  2. You have to kind of know what you will be doing those next ten days to prepare accordingly. With my lifestyle it’s kind of predictable but also not. Lol. For example, with the Disney Day, I should have had all activities written down so I knew what I should have included in my ten items. Next time I know I need to include a pair of casual shoes like sneakers or sandals. This is a con to me because we don’t like to live by a schedule but with this challenge it does help to have one.

  3. One of the items I only wore once and by the end I was wishing I had picked something else instead. I ended up just wearing it to take a picture in and then changed right after (the white sheer top. It’s so lovely but wasn’t practical for my everyday life obvi, I think I added it hoping I could wear it on a date night or something maybe it will work of the next time I do this). Wish that being said, you can’t switch things out (totes wish you could), but then it would’t be a challenge would it? You just gotta make it work.

I really hope this helped give some insight to the 10x10 challenge! Who wants to do it with me next time? I’ll keep you all updated on when the next one is. Or you could always just do it on your own timing. Let me know if you do! But for now I’m excited to start playing dress up again!

My 10 items

  • Black tee (Target)

  • White linen button up (thrifted)

  • White sheer long sleeve top (thrifted)

  • Velvet leopard print top (thrifted)

  • Brown snake skin print long sleeve (thrifted)

  • Black jeans (Topshop via Nordstrom)

  • Mom Jeans (thrifted)

  • Black pointy mules (Target)

  • Loafers (Everlane)

  • Snake skin booties (Halogen via Nordstrom)

Remember all accessories, jackets, and purses are extras. SO style it up!

And yes, my mirror is super dirty because every time I clean it Lilla just comes over and licks it and smears her cute dirty little fingers all over it so, it’s going to stay dirty. Also, Hey ELMO!