The same, but different.


Do you remember when I wore this last year? If not, check it out here.
I switched it up a bit with some different pants, shoes and accessories. So, the same, but different. I love being able to do that with my wardrobe. Wearing the same things in totally different ways. That’s what happens when you have a working closet. You feel good about most of the things you have in it and you love everything you own and it’s FUN to get dressed. So how about you take something you love and wear often and change it up a bit. How can you rework that piece to be fresh and funky?


Dress - Flea Style x B. Jones Style
Pants - Salvation Army
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell via Nordstrom
Purse - Thrifted in Kingston, TN
Earrings - Thrifted in Indianapolis, IN