I’ve been noticing a trend in my closet. Black, white, tan, animal print, and RED. If there’s something red at a thrift store my eye is usually drawn to it. And what’s better than red on red? That’s one way to stand out! I found this in Michigan when we were there this past fall. I knew it would be perfect for the holidays when I spotted it. This is the comfiest fancy set I’ve ever worn. And I love the crossover detail in the top. Paired it with my even fancier gold super pointy mules and vintage geometric earrings. Perfection!


Top & Bottom - Thrifted in Lansing, MI at Volunteers of America
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell via Nordstrom
Earrings - Thrifted in Indianapolis, IN
Purse - Thrifted in Kingston, TN

Merry Christmas EVE!

xo, Mercedes