red life.


One thing I've certainly been into lately is RED. Red stripes, red silk, red purse, red boots, red lips (always). I always seem to bring home a piece from the thrift store that is red and/or has red in it. This top I knew needed to be in my closet. It's a perfect material for summer and the red stripes just pop. They will definitely make a statement no matter how I style it up. I thought it would be fun and unexpected, instead of pulling out a pair of jeans to pair the bright stripes with a classic green chino. I'm always about the unexpected and for pieces to never really "match" per say but go together. I don't do matchy matchy, unless its a pair of bright funky earrings that just pair oh so well with your bright red stripes ;) Style rules are meant to be broken right? Even if they are our own!

Stripes are life. Red is life. 

Top - Volunteers of America
Pants - Goodwill
Heels - Nine West
Purse - Amazon
Earrings - K. Scott for 5th & Hall

xo, Mercedes