Just a whole lotta fringe and bling. I found this top back in October while thrifting with my BFF Tiffany and finally wore it last week! Yes. I wore it out. In public. To Target, Lowe's, and to vacuum our car out. Ha! I was just feeling a little extra that day. 

I've totally been playing dress up more often. I feel like I've really found my style recently, accepted it and I love having fun with it. I still sometimes ask myself if something is too crazy/weird to wear out in ol' Lakeland but when those thoughts pop up, in return I ask myself if I like the way I look. If I do, I wear it! It may sound funny but there's a lot of freedom in liking the way you look and not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks. 

So, extra it is...

Top - Salvation Army
Jeans - Salvation Army
Heels - Target
Purse - Thrifted in Tennessee
Earrings - Madewell

xo, Mercedes