There’s something about mixing fun prints that instantly puts me in a good mood. And my husband too. He kept complimenting this look. I love that he loves my crazy sense of style. Good man!

A bold print on top, and a still bold but less bold print on bottom. LOL. I am fully aware that this may be a totally out there look for most but to me it’s completely normal.

This look would be great for a creative working environment, a date night, a special event. Anywhere you want to feel completely fabulous and glam. I think it’s the shoulders on this top. Extreme and defined. A good shoulder pad will do that to ya ;)

Top - Vintage from Salvation Army
Skirt - Vintage from Goodwill in Lansing, MI
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell
Purse - Vintage from antique store in Tennessee
Earrings - Vintage from Salvation Army
Sunglasses - Amazon

xo, Mercedes