The hair flip just made this look so much more 90’s. I usually don’t style my hair (just an air dry) but I’m loving how it can be an added accessory to pull a look together.

This top used to be a dress. I know some of you saw it in my stories a while ago and today’s it’s making it’s debut on the blog. I’ve worn it one other time to a fancy birthday dinner with friends. I LOVE IT. The sleeves are everything and I love the frayed edge which makes it a little less feminine. It’s all-out the balance. Edgy and feminine is my jam.

And the jeans, oh my love affair with these jeans. I need to find more of these vintage Eddie Bauer straight leg suer high waist jeans. I’ll definitely be on the lookout at every thrift store I hit up.

And the shoes. I found these Calvin Klein mules at a thrift store in Kingston, TN when we were visiting my Nana for Thanksgiving. They needed a bit of work but I knew once I took them to the shoe repair shop they would be perfect. I think I spent $30 having the heel tips replaced and the actual heel part wrapped again. So, a “new” pair of nice shoes for $34. I’ll take it!


Top - Goodwill
Jeans - Salvation Army
Heels - Calvin Klein : Thrifted in Kingston, TN
Purse - Salvation Army
Earrings - Vintage shop in Indianapolis