cargo's, leopard print heels, and floppy hats.

Blouse- Kenar (from Marshalls), Cargo's- LOFT, Hat- American Eagle, Leopard Heels- Bcbg, Necklace- Etsy.

Ok, so this outfit was from a couple of days ago, but im just getting around to posting it. 

I have to admit, this was something i threw together in about... oh, 2 whole minutes. Sometimes i feel like the less time i take to pick an outfit out the better it ends up looking. Effortless style. It only happens once every couple of weeks. The other days i seem to stare at my closet for a good fifteen minutes before even pulling anything out. I think everyone can relate to that, right ladies?

 I spotted this hat on sale at American Eagle and knew i had to have it. I've always been more of a fedora girl. This one i loved though. The heels, so super comfy. And the cargo's super super comfy (although right when i walked out the door to leave the house, i spotted a big stain on the front. Don't try looking. I airbrushed it out :))

Until next time,