denim pleated dress. thrifted treasures.

Dress- Anthropologie (thrifted), Belt- Thrifted, Heels- Steve Madden, Earrings- Target, Bracelets- Thrifted 

Story behind this dress.

I've had it in my closet for about 3 months, maybe longer, that i purchased from the Salvation Army for about 7 dollars (including tax. awesome. i know).

I was reading my new

People Style Watch

, March issue and saw that denim dresses were under an article of "looks to keep". I thought, well i have a denim dress. Sweet! 

And ever since i've bought the dress I was wondering where it was from. It has a tag on it that i didn't recognize. I decided to look it up. Took about a minute to even realize what it spelled. Meale? Maere?... Maeve! Thats it! 

I then saw that it is a brand from my all time most favorite, amazing, amazeballs, store 


. Retailed at around 150 dollars!! All of a sudden i became even more excited to wear it! (to church. it is kind of low cut. eh who cares. its cute!) 

Point of the story is. 

You never know what kind of treasures you will find at a thrift store. You too may have a gem hanging in your closet, that is a trend right in this month's magazines! So ladies take a peek into the closet you have and see what's waiting to be worn!