shady lady

Shirt- Forever 21, Skirt- Marshall's, Belt- J.Crew (thrifted), Flats- Urban Outfitters, 
Sunnies- Marshall's Bracelet- Thrifted from Salvation Army

One thing. A belt is one of a ladies best friends. 
This shirt is really boxy on its own and paired with this skirt i looked like a shapeless oompa loompa. But voila! Instantly after adding a belt it gave me shape and form. 
If i was wearing this shirt with jeans or pants i usually wouldn't pair a belt with it. But because my skirt had so much volume i needed something to balance it out. I pushed the belt off to the side too, to add some visual interest. With the pattern of the skirt, to the crocheted flats, and the vibrant neon yellow shirt, it was the perfect outfit for my Friday funday :)

So ladies if you have any clothes you think are too big, don't give you shape, or maybe just not "in style" anymore. Belt it up! It might be just what you need for that lovely outfit of yours.