thrifty wednesdays

Shirt- Target, Skirt- Thrifted, Shoes- Sam Edelman, Belt- Thrifted,
 Purse- Talbots (thrifted), Necklace- Thrifted, Bangles- Thrifted, Sunnies- Michael Kors

As you can tell from the fine details most of my outfit was thrifted from Salvation Army.  I use the term "thrifted" alot on this blog. This means I usually bought it at a thrift/vintage store for an awesome price. Where i live every Wednesday they have half off all clothing and accessories. Which to begin with the prices are already amazing but half off, Amazeballs! I've always been a fan of thrift stores. I honestly have the ability to take the most hideous thing off the rack and style it in a chic, wearable outfit. I love it!

Lately this is where i have been doing all my shopping. Im obsessed. Salvation Army Queen.

When i go thrifting i usually try to find things that are still of good quality. I usually look for brands like J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Urban Outfitters, etc. I am also a belt hoarder. I do buy most of my belts second hand. When i look for belts i always make sure they are real leather, or at least crafted in high quality. 

From now on i will be doing a post every/every-other Wednesday based on the things i have "thrifted" form Salvation army or wherever i have gone that week. Look for it.