deals and steals

| Sweater - Thrifted at Salvation Army for 4 dollars | 
| Clutch - on clearance at Target for 5 dollars (diy'd for 3 dollars, total = 8 dollars) |

Some recent deal and steals i found. 

Chris and i went to Salvation Army yesterday, something we like to do every so often to see if we can find some gold (as he calls it) I sure did! I'm not exactly sure where this sweater is from but i love the vibrant yellow color. The color is what initially drew my eye over to it and when i pulled it off the rack i saw the sequin sleeve and fell in love with it. I love a good sequin sweater! It reminds me of a J.Crew or LOFT design which are two stores i am obsessed with. And it was only 4 dollassss! I know i will definitely be wearing this sweater a lot this winter season (outfit post to come with this sweater) 

Now on to the clutch/purse. Whenever i am at Target no matter what i am there for i always like to check out the clearance section in every department. Mostly the clothing and accessories (Who doesn't?). I stumbled upon this clutch and then quickly realized it was only 5 bucks. I LOVE the texture and rich blue hue. The night before i saw a similar style online and thought it was cute, but for the price not so much. Right after looking at the price i put in in my basket. The only thing i did not like about it was the silver band on the closure. I like silver but wear it very minimally. All of my jewelry is gold, hardware on my purses are gold, all my shoes have gold sparkles, and i don't tend to mix a lot of metals. So i thought i could easily cover it up with something. I hopped over to Michael's and spotted these spiked beads (meant for jewelry) and knew they would be perfect. I used a little bit of super glue and stuck em' on. I love how it turned out! The beads add more edge to the clutch/purse. All it took was some imagination. No tutorial needed, it was literally that easy. Super easy DIY and all for 8 bucks. 

Style on a (super cheap) budget my friends!

Happy Wednesday!

Mercedes Richelle