Top - J.Crew | Skirt - Target | Heels - Rock and Republic via Kohl's 
Hat - Charlotte Russe (old) | Bracelets - Thrifted, Marc Jacobs 
 Earrings - Forever 21 | Clutch - Marc Jacobs

Since my last outfit post was titled "casual", i thought it would be appropriate to title this one "glam". When i put this outfit on that's exactly what i felt, Glamorous. This my friends is another reason i love fashion. It makes you feel different ways, you can transform your whole attitude with the slip of a heel, or swipe of some lipstick. I added the hat just for fun, i thought it was a unique unexpected addition to the look. 

The hat doesn't really "match", but it "goes". This is my favorite style quote.
 "It doesn't have to match, it just has to go".
 Your whole outfit doesn't have to be matchy, matchy. To be honest that's just totally out. (unless you are one color-blocking/monochromatic. see here) If you have a yellow tank on, your earrings don't have to be yellow too, and your heels, anndddd your purse. No, no, no! It's ok to incorporate some of the same colors throughout your outfit but mix it up, make it interesting, bring in some patterns, textures, and different colors.

 That's why i love this look. The sequin on the top and the pleats of the skirt make it dressy but when you add the texture of the hat it brings in something extra. And that's what style is, making something your own!

Happy Halloween readers!

Mercedes Richelle

| photos by my husband |