| styled | boots in a professional work environment

| styled | boots in a professional environment

| styled | boots in a professional environment

I was recently asked how to style boots to wear to work in a professional environment. I styled two different types here. Some key points when styling boots to wear to work:

- Always keep your legs covered with a longer skirt or pair of tights
-Keep the heel either flat or chunky (no stiletto heel boots)
-Accessories at a minimum (either a statement necklace or earrings)
-By adding a structured bag you can add some personality to the look

Even if you work in a professional environment you can still have fun with your clothing. Just make sure you always feel comfortable. There is nothing worse than walking into the office and not feeling confident in what you are wearing. Both of these looks are appropriate for a professional office setting but still exciting to put on in the morning!

Hope this helps some of you!
Happy Monday readers!

Mercedes Richelle