from the pages of a magazine | leopard |

Top - Gap ($20, similar here) | Skirt - Thrifted ($4, similar here) | Heels - BCBGeneration ($50) 
Clutch - Thrifted ($5) | Bracelets - Thrifted ($3), Marc jacobs ($20)

Pinterest is obviously the new place to go when you are looking for some inspiration on, well anything. Mainly fashion for me. But i got to thinking about how much i used to love magazines (i still do), and how they used to be my main source of fashion inspiration. I don't know what it is about them but when i pick up my monthly fashion mags it makes me happy. I love knowing that a team of hundrends of employees took the time to put this together for women like me who love fashion. So i decided to take some inspo from the pages of my magazines and put my budget friendly spin on it. 

This outfit inspiration i pulled from this month's People Style Watch, which worked out perfectly because i had just scored this amaze leopard print skirt from my local Salvation Army last week. I didn't change it up too much because i wanted to show how easy it is to take almost the exact outfit and translate it into my life.

 I think when most women see fashion magazines their thought is, I could never wear any of that stuff in my daily life, "I'm a mom", "I'm a student", "I don't have enough money", "Where would i wear that?!". Well, i don't know where you would wear it, but it doesn't matter. Have fun with your style, try new things, think outside of the box, find inspiration from these things (magazines) right beside you at almost every store. You don't have to have tons of money to have style. Go to thrift stores or consignment shops, trade clothing with friends, shop your own closet and break out the old turtleneck from high school (yes this turtleneck is from 8 years ago). You never know what you will come up with!

Check back for my next | From the pages of a magazine | post soon!

Happy Friday!

Mercedes Richelle

|photos by my husband|