same shirt | different day

Top - Old Navy ($13 in store) | Jeans - Old Navy ($10 in store) | Flats - DV by Dolce Vita via Marshall's ($20)
Necklace -  Target ($17) | Clutch - Target ($5) | Beanie - Borrowed from Mr. Grainger

When putting together a look to feature on the blog usually the first thing I think about is, have I already worn this? I want my content to be new and never repeat itself. I want my readers to come back and get excited to see that days look. Now I do repeat certain things, like a purse or a pair of shoes, but I'm talking the whole look itself.

 As I was getting dressed yesterday I was thinking I have "nothing" to wear, which is completely untrue. I have a plenty to wear. But what the real dilemma was (I know, such a dilemma), I had nothing creative or new to feature on the blog. I had tried on a few different things, and kept coming back to the same shirt. The same one I wore in my previous outfit post last week, to be exact. And the only reason I didn't want to wear it was because I knew we would be able to take pictures that day and I didn't want to have the same shirt on in two posts back to back. But then I thought, what the heck am I thinking? This blog is to show REAL women that you can have style on a budget. and REAL women (like me) do repeat looks. When I buy something I love, I usually wear the heck out of it, and there is nothing wrong with that! 

Even though it is the same shirt I still styled it in a completely different way. The previous post I went super girly with a mini skirt and heels. This time I still added some glam with the SAME necklace, but I paired it with jeans, flats, and a beanie. More tomboyish I would say. Oh and of course, a red lip! See same shirt, different look!

 I do love to shop, but I don't have an unlimited budget, and one of my goals with this blog is to be real and genuine. So yes, I did wear this shirt like 4 times this week, and I will probably wear it 100 more times this winter, and in the spring, and summer. One thing I will always try to do, is to pair it different ways to still make it exciting to wear (and to read about)!

 (side note: I know this may come as a shock, but I actually don't have tons of clothes. My wardrobe consists of one clothing rack, like something you would see in a department store when they are adding new inventory out on the floor or at a photo shoot. And a dresser drawer dedicated to jeans/pants. In fact usually when I go to my friends houses I am shocked to see how much more they have in their closet than I do. Point of this side note is, to inform you that you don't have to have a large wardrobe to create many different looks. All you need is a few key items, and some creativity when getting dressed!)

(another side note: since I am being real and genuine I almost didn't post these pictures because I though I looked to curvy. stupid girl body issues and self criticism. ummmm exuse me Mercedes? curvy is beautiful! and I will rock it! girrrllllll)

Only 16 more days until Christmas! :)

Mercedes Richelle 

| photos by my husband |