currently craving | high & low edition

HIGH : Dress | Aviators | Heels
LOW: Dress | Aviators | Heels 

Let's be honest, if you had something in mind that you have been wanting and someone was going to give it to you for free and they presented you with two options, a more expensive one and a cheaper one, and they looked exactly the same, you would probably take the more expensive piece. But when you are the one making the purchase, and using your hard earned cash, it's a little tougher to spend the money on the more expensive option. 

These pieces I have been currently craving, so I decided to search for similar items that are more in my budget. They are almost exactly the same items, but less than half of the more expensive option. I can guarantee it wouldn't be a tough to fork over the money for the "low" options. 

Those t-strap leopard print heels need to be in my closet now!

Mercedes Richelle