denim dress

| Dress - Anthropologie (thrifted at Salvation Army for $6) |
| Booties - Target, $26 |
| Clutch - Target, $4 |
| Earrings - Forever 21, $3 |
| Rings - Urban outfitters |
| Bracelet - Thrifted at Salvation Army, $4 |

What's better than a whole outfit that cost only $44, shoes included!? Ummmm, let me know when you think of anything...

I've had this dress for a few years now. I found it at Salvation Army and then figured out later it was originally from Anthropologie. Honestly, this dress I will probably always hold onto. It's so well made, and fits perfectly. One day when I can no longer wear it, I will tuck it away in a storage container in hopes that my future children or grandchildren can do something creative with it. Here's to hoping I have a girl/s or a grand daughter/s that will be a fashionista like me!

xo, Mercedes Richelle

| photos by my husband |