DIY beauty | dry shampoo

Last week on the blog I featured a DIY eye make-up remover. Today I am so excited to share with you a DIY dry shampoo so simple you honestly have to do nothing. 

Let's talk. I hate washing my hair. I hate the extra time it takes in the shower. I hate standing there in front of the mirror drying it for 15 minutes. So when I started to use dry shampoo I thought it was the best thing ever! And it still may be for some people but after about a couple of months I started to get really bad dandruff. Borderline Eczema. I have always had dandruff on and off throughout my life but never this bad, the only thing I could chalk it up to was the dry shampoo. The buildup from the dry shampoo's were not good for my scalp. So I stopped using it for a couple of months, but then I was back to washing my hair almost everyday. Which made my hair super dry and breakage around my hairline started to pop up. I was in Michigan around Christmas time, and my sisters power had gone out from an ice storm, which meant the hot water did too (or we thought, we learned later the water heater was ran on gas, so we were fine to shower the whole time. whoops). I needed to wash my hair badly, but I couldn't. My sister had mentioned to me she saw something on Pinterest (what a surprise) where you could use cacao powder as dry shampoo. I laughed at the idea at first, but I was desperate. There's nothing worse than greasy hair when you have somewhere important to be (for me at least) So, I tried it and I was literally blown away by how good it worked! Way better than ANY other expensive brand of dry shampoo out there.

If you read my post last week I am super into cruelty free and all natural products. This dry shampoo is just that! It is only one ingredient, all natural cacao powder, and no animals were tested to make this product.

Now I know this is only helpful for my brunette ladies. If you are blonde I would stick to baby powder. But for all you brunettes who have been using baby powder (and end up with gray looking hair) or all of those store bought dry shampoos, stop what you are using and go buy some cacao powder from your local grocery store. 

I know most of you ladies already have a tub of it in your baking cabinet. All I did was buy another one for my personal use and poured it into a cute mason jar and labeled it. 

To use on my hair, I simply :

1. Unscrew the mason jar
2. Flip my head over
3. Dip my fingers in the cacao powder
4. Run my fingers throughout my hairline area and rub the powder into my scalp
5. Repeat steps 3-4 until all greasyness is no longer visible

The hardest part about this DIY, if you don't already have some in your kitchen cabinet, is going to the grocery store to buy some, but you have to go anyways right? No excuses!

If you have any questions on how to apply or specifics about the DIY, ask away in the comments below!

xo, Mercedes