jeans & stripes

Top - Saint James (originally $100, thrifted at Salvation Army for $4)
Jeans - Old Navy  ($15 in store)
Heels - Target ($27 in store)
Necklace - TJMaxx ($40)
Clutch - Thrifted ($2)
Sunnies - Forever 21 ($6)

Another day, more stripes. I told you I LOVED stripes. They are just so easy to style, and no matter what way you style them, they always look chic. This specific top I spotted at Salvation Army earlier this week. I always go through the racks touching and feeling fabrics. For me I usually don't care about what the brand is, or if it's old or new, I care about how something is made. You can usually tell by touching a garment whether it is made of quality or not. Right when I felt this top I knew it was something worth trying on. Then I spotted the Saint James logo on the arm. I skipped the dressing room and went straight to the checkout. These tops are a very classic brand but still have managed to make it through all the trendy seasons and end up in people's closets. They retail for about $100 on their website (I would never), but lucky for me I found mine for only $4! It was literally in perfect condition. It may be an older style, but really who cares when it's such a simple shape and classic print. Thank you to whoever got rid of it! It's mine now and I will keep it forever. I've said it before, and I will say it again. I absolutely LOVE when I find a piece of clothing or an accessory of amazing quality at a thrift store. I honestly feel like I found a treasure or a "piece of gold" as my husband calls it.

I chose to style it with a pair of distressed denim that I DIY'ed at the bottom to give them more of an undone feel. This frayed hem is also very "in " at the moment. The silver pumps gave some texture, and tied in with the statement necklace which added a bit of glam. The clutch added a pop of red which kind of made it feel nautical. A mish mash of styles that all worked together. My fav kind! Ah! now I know what to call my style. I never knew before. Mish mash.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Mercedes