love your skin | DIY eye make-up remover

In honor of the week of love, I wanted to talk about loving your skin as well. When you love your skin you care about the things you put on it. 

Whenever I buy a new beauty product, I have two rules. Cruelty free (which means no animals were harmed or tested in the making of this product), and all natural/organic. Some products I am still looking for a cruelty free alternative that works well, Deodorant has been the hardest so far. I've only been able to try the Tom's brand but unfortunately it did not work for me. I won't sacrifice being stinky just yet! Now, I am no skin expert, but I have done a little bit of research on the products I use. I got so tired of turning over the bottle on some of my beauty products and seeing 20 ingredients that I had never heard of listed for a product that should be so simple. Eye make-up remover was one of them. For me, the simpler, the better. i like to know what I am putting on my skin. I found a few that were all natural, and not tested on animals but they were outrageously priced, and this is coming from someone who doesn't mind spending quite a bit of money on good quality beauty products. I thought there has to be a way to make something myself. So I quickly turned to Pinterest. Voila! Tons of tutorials popped up on how to DIY eye make-up remover. So many of them had the same ingredients listed. So out of all the tutorials I read, I came up with what I thought would be best for my skin. I didn't want to have to go buy anything crazy, so I chose one that was very simple but effective. Even better, most of these items you will already have in you house! I will also provide a link below listing some benefits of using olive oil on your skin.

What you will need :

1. Olive Oil ( I would have rather used organic, but the one pictured above is what we had on our house ) 
2. Witch Hazel ( An all natural astringent, I did read that some ladies who used this as an ingredient in their remover, that it irritated their eye. I had no problems with it. As long as you keep your eye shut while wiping the make-up off. This can be found at any Target, and food stores)
3. Water!! Completely natural, and free!
4. Plastic or glass container in the size of your choice ( I bought mine from the travel size beauty aisle in Target. They always have little plastic travel containers for around $1 )
5. Round cotton pads or cotton balls ( I prefer cotton pads for eye make-up remover)

 How to mix :

Super easy.
Whatever bottle you buy, mix equal parts of all three ingredients. I put the witch hazel in first, about 1/3 of the way, then added 1/3 of water, then filled the rest up with olive oil. 

How to use :

Run your cotton pad under warm water (one for each eye), and after shaking the remover to mix adequately squirt it onto the cotton pad. If it separated too fast, don't worry it will mix when you flip the bottle over to squirt it out. The oil will always float to the top. Remove away! If you do have trouble wiping it off, hold the cotton pad down over the eye for a few seconds before wiping

The olive oil works so well at removing even stubborn and waterproof eye-makeup. I love how the skin under my eyes feel after I use it. I even gave some to my mom to try and she loves it! The best thing about this product is that it  only has 3 ingredients, and I know where they came from and what they are! I made it myself, so I know nothing was tortured and killed for my sake. 

If you have ANY questions on the DIY, even if you think it's silly ask me in the comments below! I would love to help you out!

Thanks for reading!

xo, Mercedes