striped t-shirt dress

Dress - Target (thrifted for $3)
Converse - Kohl's ($26)
Belt - Target ($12)
Purse - TJMaxx ($100)
Sunnies - Forever 21 ($6)

Nothing fancy or schmancy. This is what I wore yesterday to go thrifting with my hubby. I always like to be comfy when I go to the thrift store. Lots of walking, and searching for the perfect items. I found some pretty awesome jewelry that I plan on converting into new pieces, and a few striped tops. I think I have an obsession with stripes. Yes, I do. Stripes are so classic, and can be dressed up or down, they can be girly or edgy. The perfect base to any look. Here I paired a simple striped t-shirt dress with some chucks, and threw on the same leopard print belt from yesterday's post to cinch in my waist. I kept the accessories minimal with just a simple hoop earring, and a brown tote purse. The sunnies were just a fun last minute addition.

What do you wear when you have a shopping day planned? Do you go for comfort? Or style?

xo, Mercedes