valentines day | on the beach

valentines on the beach

Dress $44 | Baithing Suit $20 | Heart Flats $50 | Heart Purse $85 | Heart Earrings $40
Fedora $11 | Heart Sunglasses $10 | Kitty Heart Phone Case $8 | Red Lip Stain $24

Christopher and I will be celebrating out Valentine's Day on the beach. I unfortunately have to work the day of Valentines Day, so we will be making our way to the beach earlier in the week. One downside of working in a restaurant, is you will most likely be there a majority of holiday's. But the big perk is flexibility. Chris and I can plan a vacation any time and just take off. No work schedule to work around, or bosses to ask. I love it! This is what I imagine I would be wearing as we lay on the beach sipping on margarita's. A super fun print baithing suit, some cute heart shaped sunglasses, and a bright red lip stain. Add the fedora for some protection from the sun during the day, and later at night I would slip on the flowy maxi dress, add the simple gold heart earrings, a heart shaped purse, and some girly flats. Still with the red lip of course :) What I actually will wear may be a little different that this, but I will try my best with what I have already stored in my closet.

xo, Mercedes

P.s. Sorry for the absence the past couple of days. I had jury duty on Monday allllll day, and then got into a car accident/got rearended right after I left. I have been relaxing and  allowing my body to recover from the unfortunate incident. I am so happy it was nothing serious. I have God to thank for that. I know he was watching over me!