frayed denim

Top - J Crew (thrifted for $3)
Jeans - Old Navy ($10 in store)
Heels - BCBGeneration ($50)
Hat - Old Navy ($15)
Clutch - Marc Jacobs for Nordstrom x Target ($70)
Necklace - Forever 21 ($3)

Even though this week it's been in the 80's, the past few weeks had been cloudy, rainy, and windy. This left me with the perfect opportunity to get some last uses out of my jeans and long sleeves. We floridians all know in the next few weeks, it will start to get so hot you can't even breathe when you step outside at... 7 am. I do enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, but this whole sweat dripping from you face during the 30 seconds it takes to walk to your car after work thing is not cute. Right?! 

It's funny how some of my favorite items in my closet, well actually most of my favorite items come from a thrift store. I never go into a thrift store looking for something specific and I always keep my mind open. Maybe that's why I always have such good luck? This gingham button up is actually a men's shirt and I stumbled upon it while I was searching through the dress shirts for my man. It's a bit baggy, but oh so comfy. Perfect for that I stole this shirt out of my husbands closet look. I loved the idea of pairing something loose on top with frayed denim and a pair of killer heels. It just seemed to all work together. Even though nothing really "matches" Matching is for the birds. The hat added a casual vibe to the look. The last few pictures I switched out the heels for a pair of flats, and the clutch for a structured bag. I wanted to show you how easy it is to take the look from being a little bit dressier/edgier to a look perfect for grocery shopping and running errands. 

Also, it started to rain right when we stepped out to take pictures. Perfect example of Florida weather. So don't mind the rain drops!

It's Monday ya'all. Only four more days until the weekend!

xo, Mercedes