Top - Target ($23)
Pants - Old Navy ($25)
Heels - Target ($27)
Necklace  - Thrifted ($2)
Sunnies - Foster Grant 
Purse - Brahmin (gift)

I love how an all black and white ensemble looks so chic with minimal effort. Isn't that what we all want? To put no effort into getting dressed but still look amazing. Next time you wake up feeling like you should climb right back into bed (that's me everyday) reach for every black and white piece in your wardrobe. Throw them on, and you will look fabulous. I promise. Okay, maybe you need to put a little lipstick on, and comb your hair (or not, I don't judge), maybe throw it into a bun... Voila! Instant chic. So kids what did we learn today?...


I'm ready for a nap.

xo, Mercedes