more stripes

Top - Saint James (thrifted for $4)
Pants - Old Navy ($15)
Converse - Kohl's ($32)
Purse - Brahmin (gift from a wonderful couple)
Necklaces - Target ($10), TJMaxx ($40)

Ever since I was given this amazing Brahmin, I've been wearing a lot of black and white for a monochromatic look. Which is totally in right now. I know it's spring and I should be wearing brights and pastels, which I still love but my style goes through changes every once in a while and the things that attract me change with the seasons. And right now that would be black and white with some edge. I've been wearing these wax coated pants non-stop lately. They just seem to go with everything I want to put on. This top is one of my fav's and I know it will be in my wardrobe throughout the coming years. It is such a classic and we all know I LOVE a good stripe. I could wear them everyday. This look was perfect for a casual dinner of sushi and ice cream with my man.

Also I know I have been absent lately, but for a good reason. I have been trying to build up a library of looks so it is not a constant struggle to get pictures taken almost everyday. For a blog to succeed I know there has to be consistency. It really is hard to take the time every single day to take pictures when in reality I have an actual job and sometimes I work all day. I go in, in the morning, and come out after its dark. No fun, but a girl's gotta do her thang. My husband and I came to an agreement that we would take pictures every other day. I know he would much rather spend his time working on his business then me bossing him around and telling him how to take pictures but he knows it is important to me. He really is the best! 

Happy Hump Day!

xo, Mercedes