Dress - Thrifted ($4)
Belt - Kate Spade via TJMaxx ($30)
Heels - BCBGeneration ($50)
Purse - Kate Spade via TJMaxx ($100)
Lipstick - Tarte Glamazon in Whimsy
Sunnies - Kohl's ($7)

I realize not everyone is a fashion queen and this may sound a little weird but when you are passionate about something, often times things "speak" to you (clothing for me). As in an artist may walk into an art gallery and see a painting that really intrigues him. He would say, this painting really "speaks" to me. It grabbed his attention and he understands where the artist was coming from when he created it. A film director will watch a powerful movie and say, this film really "spoke" to me. He understood the writers(directors) need to create the film and the message behind it. When I go shopping it's the same thing for me. I will see a piece of clothing on a hanger and immediately say to myself, I get it. I get why the designer made this and I already know how I would want to wear it. It "spoke" to me. It pulled me in. Now everyone has different styles and the same things that pulled me, the artist, and the film director in may not intrigue the next fashionista, artist, and film director. But that's why we are all so unique and lovely. 

When I walk into a thrift store, I don't think dirty ugly clothing (well some of it is), I think of it as clothing that someone else was done with and I have the opportunity to give new life to it. When I found this dress hanging on the rack it really did speak to me. I loved the print, I loved the shape, I loved the length. It certainly reminded me of a dress I would find in my FAV store Anthropologie, and also something a lady from the 60's would wear on her tropical vacation. I knew countless women had probably passed it up that day thinking it was too crazy or old lady-ish, but not I. I saw this and immediately thought of wearing it on vacation. Making it look new and fresh with just a few accessories was a task I was ready for. And what's better than a price tag of only 4 dollars? Next time you walk into a thrift store don't think of something the way it probably was worn on the previous owner, think of how you would want to wear it. Open your eyes a little more and I bet you will find something you love at your local thrift store. It may not be new, but it's new to you! 

This dress was absolutely perfect for our mini tropical vacation/work trip. It was breezy and long enough that I didn't have to worry about my booty showing when the wind blew (and boy did it). The colors matched all the scenery in the Keys. Plus it was easy to switch out my heels for flat sandals when we left to watch the sunset. We had a blast on this trip! Will share more pictures later :)

xo, Mercedes