Jeans -


 ($33 after 60% off)

Top - Cynthia Rowley via



Kimono -



Heels - Target ($27)

Necklace - Mythologie via 



Tote -



Earrings - H&M ($5)

I wore this fringed kimono the other day around my 4 year old nephew and 2 year old niece, and they acted like it was the most amazing thing they had ever seen. They kept asking me what it (the fringe) was and would touch it and run it over their skin. I thought it was the cutest thing. Both of them wanted a kimono after that. 

It reminded me of myself when I'm in a clothing store that I love just walking around and touching all the fabrics, amazed by the beauty of the designs. I love how clothing can do that to you, especially to a fashion lover like me. I love how clothing makes you feel a certain way, and how you express yourself through what you wear. Fashion is my art, and I love it. 

Chris and I are on our way back to Florida in a few hours and even though I will miss my family I am ready to get back home to our kitties and our own bed. We really had the best time here in Michigan and I am so happy we were able to see everyone I wanted to and spend some good quality time with my family.

Have a great weekend ya'll!

xo, Mercedes