out of the box

Top - Philosophy via



Blazer - Lou & Grey for


 ($15 on clearance)

Shorts -

Old Navy

 ($15 during in-store promotion)

Wedges - BCBGeneration via



Tote -



Necklace - Mythologie via



Hat - Old navy ($15)

Sunnies -

Foster Grant


Every so often I get stuck in a fashion rut. It's easy to just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but I like to have fun with fashion and think outside of the box. I'm always trying to add something unexpected to an outfit but honestly most days I fall short and just resort back to my plain Jane ways. Which of course there is nothing wrong with, but I have a blog to run here people. 

When I purchased this top I had pictured wearing it with just a pair of jeans... duh. But I tried them on together and it just wasn't working. I'm not a try on everything in the closet until I find the perfect match type of gal. I usually just give up and make whatever idea in my head work if it looks good or not. I really need to stop doing that. 

Soooo while I was in Michigan the past two weeks I asked my sister (I adore her style and everything she wears) to help me put some outfits together. I had this idea idea in my head that if I need to ask for styling help that I really wasn't a true Fashionista (I'm being serious, this resorts back to my stubborn ways and not wanting to ask for help until I absolutely have to). I pulled every new piece out of my suitcase and asked her what she thought I should pair it with. She had amazing ideas! Some I was a little hesitant to try but I am so glad I did. It helped to get another set of eyes on the clothing.

I ended up pairing this flowy printed top with my destroyed boyfriend shorts, which were the LAST thing I would have ever thought to pair it with. For accessories I chose my black blazer, mini wedges, panama hat, and a simple black tote to carry all my essentials like snacks and stuff.  I added this gold snake like necklace (that I currently wear everyday) and my Foster Grant sunnies to complete the look. 

This process showed me that there is nothing wrong with asking for help even if you consider yourself an expert in that area (I am a self proclaimed fashion expert, didn't you know?)  It helps to not only think outside of the box, but step outside of YOUR box.

Have a great day!

xo, Mercedes