dressing casual

Now days, when I go shopping I look for clothing that is both comfortable, casual, and chic. I love to get dressed up and wear fancy schmancy stuff, but my day to day lifestyle doesn't call for that. I used to go shopping and buy things for my fantasy life. You know, living in the city, working in the fashion industry, going to cool parties. Only to come home and realize I have nowhere to wear any of this stuff, so it would sit in my closet until something popped up where I needed to get dressed up.  And that is very rare. What my life really looks life... I live in the suburbs in a southern/country city. I am a server at a restaurant (hopefully not much longer), and I am married so I don't go out to the clubs. My husband and I live a very laid back life, and we love it. So the older I get, the more I realize I need my wardrobe to reflect that, while still looking chic and pulled together.

 I still buy fancy dresses and heels, but only when needed. Every girl needs a fancy dress in her closet. You never know when you will need it. 

The look above is what I've been wearing a lot of lately. A comfy casual dress, sandals, and of course... my favorite hat. It's the perfect look for my everyday life. 

Dress - Target  (on clearance in- store for $8) | Chambray - Madewell (thrifted for $2)
Sandals - Nine West via TJMaxx ($25) | Tote - H&M ($25)
Hat - Old Navy ($15) | Necklaces - Target & TJMaxx  | Bracelet - TJMaxx ($25)

xo, Mercedes