floral midi dress

Dress - H&M ($5 on clearance) | Belt - Thrifted ($2) | Heels - BCBGeneration via TJMaxx ($40)
Purse - DVF via Marshall's ($100) | Hat - Forever 21 ($15) |Sunnies - TJMaxx ($5)

Sorry for the picture overload today, but I love how these turned out. My husband is my main photographer and I love how good he has become at this. These turned out so good, I didn't even have to do one thing to them. I usually brighten them up a bit, but not today. Thanks babe! I think it also may have to do with the fact that this outfit is my jam. When I feel confident in an outfit, it really does show through in pictures. 

I've been in a process where I am really trying to define my style. I've been trying to get rid of things that I don't love, don't truly fit, and things that just aren't me anymore. I have all these images in my head of how I want to look when I get ready but my closet doesn't really reflect those images. Lately when I see something I need or want for my closet I put it in my notes on my phone. That way when I do go shopping I stick to that list (for the most part) And if I happen to be out and see something I really like, I pull up my notes and ask is this something I really need? or just want at the moment? The list really helps me define what it is my closet is lacking. I recommend doing this if you end up coming home with a bag full of clothes only to realize you need to buy more clothes to go with the stuff you just bought, or wondering when the h e double hockey sticks you will actually wear it. That used to be me. But not anymore! 

This look defines my style right now, it may not define my style in a year, but like I always say... Fashion is supposed to be fun. And when you have a closet that works, with pieces you actually wear it really is fun to get dressed in the morning.

Try it out!

xo, Mercedes