mixing & matching

I think I mentioned on here last week that I was in the process of cleaning out my closet, and getting rid of things that don't fit, or that I just don't wear anymore (but for some reason I was holding on to them). Well I did it! And I am so proud. I honestly have a quarter of what I had before, and it feels so good. Everything I own can fit onto one clothing rack, with room to spare for future purchases. I thought I was going to look at my closet and have very limited options, but it's the exact opposite. I can clearly see what I really do love, and wear which makes it that much easier to get dressed. I feel as if all the pieces I had hanging up (that I didn't wear), made it confusing, and cluttered. Getting rid of them has helped me to figure out what I wear more of, which will help to make more concise and clear purchases in the future.

I titled this post mixing and matching, for the fact that this is what I am doing with my new clean closet. I took the vest from [this] post last week, the tank from [this] post, and the heels from [this] post, to create a whole new look. If I still had my cluttered closet I probably would have never put this look together. I would have stared at my closet for five minutes, trying to figure out what to pair these shorts with. But instead I saw my favorite pieces and knew exactly what I was going to wear! What goes through my head... I should wear this top, I haven't worn it in awhile, but it doesn't really fit that well (put it back, sits in closet for a few weeks until I think about wearing it again but don't and put it back again), I can wear this one, well no I wore it twice last week, this one would look cute but it doesn't fit me anymore AT ALL, UGH... I decided to go with the one I wore twice last week. I tossed the two shirts that didn't fit into the sell pile. I'm glad I did!

Vest - JCPenney ($15 on clearance, similar here for $68)
Tank - MNG by Mango via JCPenney ($17 on sale)
Shorts - Target ($13 on sale, I want these next for only $8)
Heels - BCBGeneration via TJMaxx ($50)
Necklace - TJMaxx ($25)
Clutch - TJMaxx ($20)
Sunnies - TJMaxx ($5)

Okay, now I have to go get dressed! Happy Hump Day!

xo, Mercedes