hola chicas

Hey everyone! I am so excited to have my blogger friend Tara from Three Wishes Style here today. Tara and I met through a mutual friend and obviously share a love for fashion and blogging. Tara is a super cool chick and I know you will love her. She's always on top of what's in, and knows how to rock a great red lip. I will be guest posting on her blog tomorrow. Be sure to check that out too! 

Take it away Tara... 


H&M Jacket - Now on sale for $15
Express Pants - Old
Old Navy shirt
Payless heels - Old
Kate Spade purse - Bought on sale for $150 (similar here)
Karen Walker sunnies - I didn't pay full price 

Mercedes and I thought it would be fun to switch things up for the next couple of days. I'm posting here today and tomorrow she will post on my blog. (It's kinda like "Freaky Friday," but with cuter clothes.)

A few things about me…

I'm a TV junkie, lipstick is my favorite accessory, my hair is naturally curly (really curly) and I rarely pay full price for anything, especially fashion. 

I live in Tampa, have two dogs and I'm occasionally on CW44-TV talking about fashion and style, my favorite subject. I love classic pieces, simple style and lately I've been on a real 90s kick. You can check out my blog at www.threewishesstyle.com. 

**By the way, one of my friends thought my shirt said "Hola Chica" instead of Holy Chic…

I laughed and immediately knew the title for this post. 

Thanks for checking it out!! :)


I hope you guys enjoyed having a fresh face on the blog today! Again, make sure to check out Tara's blog

Three Wishes Style

tomorrow for my guest post!

xo, Mercedes