try something new

2015 hair

I know this might be hard to hear but (in my opinion) gone are the days of the "top knot".  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE wears their hair in a top knot these days, and we don't like to be like everyone else. Right?! All of these hairstyles still provide the ease of pulling your hair on top of your head, but with a fresh new look. I know most of these pictures show ladies with longer hair, but those with short hair can just as easily pull them off. I think the key factor in all these hairstyles is the messy, un-done feel. Which is perfect for when you're in a hurry right? It doesn't have to be perfect! Perfect hair is boring. Even with that messy feel they all look chic and put-together. I challenge you to try a few of these hairstyles this week. If you don't like, guess what?... it's hair! Take it down and try something else! Now go have some fun with your hair!

xo, Mercedes

All pictures found on pinterest.